Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Protect your adventures with our tailored travel insurance solutions,
ensuring peace of mind wherever you go.

Supervisa Insurance Solutions

Ensure worry-free visits for family members with our Supervisa insurance

International Student Insurance

Secure your academic journey with our student insurance plans

Secure Your Future

Prepare for life's uncertainties
with our range of life insurance policies.

Super Visa Insurance

Super Visa insurance is necessary to obtain a super visa, allowing Canadian citizens' and permanent residents' parents and grandparents to visit their families in Canada.

Visitors Insurance

Newly arrived immigrants can face as many challenges as they do excitement. The Visitors to Canada Travel Plan offered by us ensures a worry-free stay for visitors to Canada.

Travel Insurance

Whether enjoying the Rockies or urban adventures, travel insurance offers reassurance against unforeseen mishaps, protecting both health and finances.

Life Insurance

It is crucial to plan for the well-being of our loved ones, even after we're gone. Life insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind, ensuring that your family is taken care of after you.



International Student Insurance

Provides medical coverage to the International students


Disability Insurance

Your most previous yet most vulnerable asset is your health and body


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness can be a barrier to your smooth lifestyle


Accidental & Sickness

Coverage for accidental and sickness protection, ensuring peace of mind


Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage insurance protects lenders from borrower default.


Drug & Dental Insurance

Your well-being with Drug & Dental insurance coverage


Group Health Benefits

Health and happiness with tailored group health benefits solutions


Children Saving Plan (RESP)

Plan for children's education with tax benefits and government grants.


Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)

Allowing tax-deferred growth until withdrawal in retirement.


Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA)

Canadian tax-free savings account for investments and savings goals.


First Home Savings Account (FHSA)

Aiding first-time homebuyers with tax benefits or government incentives.


New Immigrant Insurance

Ensuring access to essential medical services for recent arrivals.

We bring the good insurance to life

Welcome to MS Insurance, I take pride in helping my clients at every stage of their life be it for Mortgage Insurance, Life Insurance, Critical illness Insurance, Travel Insurance, Super-visa Insurance, Visitor’s Medical Insurance, Children’s Education Saving Plan (RESP), Saving for retirement RRSP or TFSA and Estate Planning. With my product knowledge and experience, I provide the best-suited financial protection for all stages of life.


Need-based Solution

Tailored solution based on a deep understanding of your needs and behavior.


Personalized Help

We take a personal interest to guide you through all aspect of insurance.


No Pressure Advice

Get no-pressure advice that adds value to your business or personal security.


Affordable Price

Get online quotes and compare to get the best prices.

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Manpreet Singh

LLQP Licensed Life Insurance Advisor

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Samir Saxena

I had the pleasure of engaging with Manpreet, an outstanding insurance agent who went above and beyond in assisting me with purchasing insurance for my parents. His meticulous explanations made every aspect of the process clear, and what truly set him apart was his commitment to providing exceptional claim support, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way. Highly recommended for his expertise and dedication to client satisfaction.


Nandini Sangal

Punjab Insurance Service is great! They gave me a customized insurance plan that fits just right. The team is friendly and helped me understand everything easily. Now, I feel safe and happy with their coverage. I totally recommend Punjab Insurance for friendly and personalized service!


Kanishka Misra

Punjab Insurance is really great because they help you a lot and make things easy to understand. They give you exactly what you need, so you don't have to worry. they work hard to make sure you're happy. I tell all my friends they should go to Punjab Insurance if they need help with insurance.


Gobindbir Singh

I called Manpreet for insurance for my parents when they were visiting us in Canada. He guided me through the process and presented the best available options for them. I would highly recommend to call him for any insurance needs that you may have.


Gurubakhshish Singh

I spoke to Manpreet Singh when I was looking for a insurance for my parents who travelled to Canada from india for a stay of around 7 months. He explained the whole process very patiently and helped me getting quotes from the right one that covers the required medical coverage and also at a very decent price. I highly recommend the Punjab insurance Saskatoon and Manpreet Singh for any body looking for any kind of insurances. He will definitely guide you to the right policies matching your requirements.


Manmohit M Chawla (Mani)

Manpreet is an honest, knowledgeable, friendly and practical insurance advisor. Highly recommended for all types of insurance policies!

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