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FAQs on Super Visa & Visitor Visa Insurance for Parents & Grandparents

Q: Who is eligible for the new parent and grandparent super visa?

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have been found admissible to Canada and meet some other conditions are eligible for the Super Visa as stated by Canadian Government. Visa officers consider several factors before deciding if the person is admissible. This means they are a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of their visit. Among the things that could be considered are:

  • the individuals strong bonds to his/her home country

  • the purpose of their visit,

  • the individuals family and financial state of affairs,

  • invitations from Canadian hosts.

Q. What documents are required by the applicant to file a case?

The applicant can get detailed information by visiting the site or consult an immigration consultant. Some mandatory documents are

  • a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada who meets a minimum income threshold,

  • prove that they have purchased Canadian medical insurance for at least one year to cover the period of time that they will be in Canada, and

  • complete an Immigration Medical Examination (IME).

Q: Is it mandatory to buy insurance from a Canadian Insurance company instead of from a company in their home country?

Canadian medical providers (hospitals, dentists, medical clinics, etc.) prefer to work with Canadian insurance companies. There is direct billing between hospitals and Canadian insurance companies. In the event that you have to pay for expenses and then file a claim, Canadian insurance companies will have a faster claim procedure as they can verify Canadian medical expenses faster than providers in overseas countries (so you get reimbursed faster). Also, Canadian insurance companies are regulated by Canadian regulators, at some of the very highest standards around the world. In fact, they are also re-insured by Assures - a Canadian government agency that will cover up to $60,000 of medical expenses in case a Canadian insurance company becomes insolvent. Not that that is likely, but it's nicer to know that you are insured no matter what happens. Also, for proof of insurance at immigration/entry time, paperwork is best shown in English or French.

Q: Can my parents buy health insurance from their home country?

According to the above quote from the government's website, proof of Canadian medical insurance is required. While this may change in the future to a list of approved international carriers, the guidance so far is for visitors to purchase visitor insurance from a Canadian company.

Q: What amount of Visitors travel medical insurance should I purchase for my mother who is visiting me next month?

The expenses for hospitalization for visitors to Canada can amount to over $3,000 per day, and air ambulance charges to return you home could very easily be in the tens of thousands of dollars. We recommend $100,000 of medical insurance coverage. This will ease your financial burden due to unforeseen charges and give you the peace of mind that everyone is looking for.

Q: If I have a pre-existing condition, can I get coverage for that with visitors insurance?

It all depends on the pre-existing condition and the terms and conditions of the policy. Some insurance companies offer plans that cover pre-existing conditions as long as they have been stable for a certain period of time (3 to 6 months) before departure from your home country. Sometimes, pre-existing conditions will not be covered. It is important to read your entire policy to make sure you are aware of the definitions affecting coverage, as well as the possible exclusions that may apply.

Only some of the available plans will cover pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, etc. Other policies, while they do cover stable pre-existing medical conditions, use strict eligibility questions to screen out applicants (for example, no coverage available if you use an ICD (pacemaker), oral steroids for lung conditions, diagnosis of stroke, blood clots, congestive heart failure or heart murmur in past 12 months, etc.).

Q. Do I need to take a medical test before I can buy Visitors to Canada insurance?

No. There is no medical exam required prior to purchase. You will have to fill the form which comprises of a few medical questions. You must answer all questions honestly, as not doing so may void (cancel) your coverage. If you have to submit a claim, the insurance company will investigate to determine if your condition was a pre-existing one, and/or whether you were honest on your application.

We partnered with the most trustworthy Canadian insurers to deliver a promise of financial security and personal safety when it comes to dealing with medical emergencies during your stay in Canada! We are at your services 24 hours for 365 days. If you need exact rates/quotations for Supervisa Insurance or Visitor visa insurance for your parents, give us a call at 306-472-2020. There is no fee for quotes & guidance.

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